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JMC Stickers

JMC Darrell Young stickers
Sorry that I can not tell you the placement of the two smaller stickers.
Stickers are not to scale.

The white D.Y. stickers are on a clear background so that when applied to the frame, only the white text shows. This is all one piece and its made to fold over the bike's downtube. The middle left is a die-cut rub-on and the black & red stick is glossy.

JMC Black Shadow
I can't remember if this is a rub-on or a clear back frame sticker.

jmc_andypaterson.jpg (19050 bytes)
This is an actual photo off of a JMC Patterson frame.
The background of this sticker is chrome like.

Please don't email
us for stickers. We
do not have any and
don't know where
to get any!

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