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1982 P.K. Ripper

The bike above belongs to Brian Laukaitis who gets full credit for this restoration!
Here is what Brian has to say about his Ripper:

"This very P.K. is the first one that I ever rode, back in 1984.  It was owned by an older kid in my hometown who was actually cool enough to let me ride it.  I almost bought this bike back in 1985 but I thought the owner's asking price was a bit too steep.  I kept
in touch with him over the years and tried many times to buy it, but he just wouldn't sell it. He also had a habit of leaving it out in the rain, which is why most of the parts had wasted away.
In Dec.1999 I happened to bump into him and he ASKED ME if I still wanted the P.K. Of course I said yes!  Since most of the parts were junk, I bought the frame and fork only (I paid him his asking price of $80).  Unlike a lot of looptail P.K.s, this one had never been cracked.
I stripped and repainted the P.K. just a couple of weeks ago (beginning of Sept. 2000) and I finally finished it last Thursday!  The P.K. is actually the correct gold hue but my
camera makes it look more like a copper color.  What I tried to do during the restoration was make it look the way I remember it, but with some noticeable differences.   You see, the owner loaded the thing with Team Cycle parts from Wal-Mart (UGH!!) and where he used Troxel Trakmaster mags, I used Skyway Tuffs; where he used Team Cycle Pro Bars, I used real SE Powerwings, you get the idea.  The one cool part that survived the years of neglect but I couldn't get him to part with was the gold Tuf-Neck stem (maybe
I'll get him to sell it to me someday?)."

Here's what's on it:

  • 1982 SE Racing, P.K. Ripper frame. Serial #PK61982
  • SE Landing Gear forks
  • Tioga Beartrap 2 headset
  • SE Powerwing Pro bars
  • ODI Mushroom Longneck grips
  • TNT Pro stem
  • Dia-Compe MX1000 brake w/Tech5 lever
  • Cyclepro Shotgun seat
  • DK "round" seatpost clamp
  • SE 13/16" seatpost
  • Skyway Tuffwheel2 mags
  • Tioga Comp3 tires
  • Takagi 175mm cranks
  • Hadley sealed BB
  • Tuf-Neck powerdisc with Tuf-Neck 43t chainwheel
  • Suntour XC-2 pedals
  • Shimano DX 16t chrome freewheel
  • KMC 1/2X1/8" chain


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