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CW Racing's Phaze-1

CW Racing, Phaze-1 frame

CW Article
Clip from July '83 BMXA Magazine

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If you have one of these and would like to sell it, email me.
These are sooo cool looking but I wouldn't recommend doing any hard
riding since they were known to break around the "Z" area of the down tube.
I just picked up a chrome Phaze-1 on 5.19.99 click here to see the photo.
I've been told that there were only 200 of these frames made!


Brett Downs writes in and has this to say about the Phaze-1.

    The Phaze-1 came out in about 1984 as a goof for a trade show.   BMX Action magazine printed a photo of it and CW got so much response, they went into production.   The bike was basically their top of the line racer with a new downtube.   Head tube angle was 69 degrees, seat tube 65.   A Slow bike with a high bottom bracket made it a sketchy ride.


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