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Team Jag by BMX Products INC.

Team Jag frame
Team Jag rear triangle
Team Jag gusset This frame should look familiar to you if you're a fan of Old School Mongoose.
This frame was manufactured by BMX Products INC. for Jag.
Same gusset with out the hole, same welds, dropouts, brake bridge but the seat stays do not loop around like the Mongoose.
I created the Jag header at the top of this page with two head badge logos and the Jag gusset sticker.
The photos have the frame looking like its gold plated when its actually chrome.

In case you're wondering?  yes that is a bearing race stuck in the top of the steer tube.
All stickers on this frame are original other than a die-cut Suntour sticker on the drive side chain stay, a Comp II sticker on the other chain stay, the sticker at the bottom of the seat tube and a Sugino sticker behind the bottom bracket.
The sticker on the top of the seat tube is the same sticker that is used on the Mongeese and it reads,"B.M.X. Products "The Winners Choice", there is also another stock Mongoose sticker on the top tube at the steer tube.

Email us if you have any additional info, photos or stories.

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