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1974 Mongoose
1974 Mongoose Frame
If you have any info on Mongeese please send me some Email.

Mongoose was my first real BMX bike as well as a lot of other kids in the early days of BMX.
The above Goose is setup for a coaster brake only, notice the built in mount, even if you wanted to use a side pull you couldn't since this frame had no brake bridge.
Check the head tube gusset, Mongoose used that style for years and while there were a couple other like it they were not exactly the same and coincedently they were manufactured by the same people who did Mongoose, BMX Products Inc.

The other simular gussets were on the Roger DeCoster and the JAG frame.

If you're trying to identify a Mongoose, this should help...

    1.  The earliest frames had no brake bridge, webbing
         (a gusset) by the bottom bracket and a coaster brake mount.
    2.  They then added the brake bridge, kept the webbing and the coaster brake mount.
    3.  Then removed the webbing but kept the coaster brake mount.
    4.  Then they started to lengthen the frame but removed the coaster brake mount.
         So now we have a brake bridge, head tube gusset and a longer frame.
    5.  That brings us up to about 1979/1980.
         The Supergoose frame was the chrome plated, chromoly version while the
         "Team" model was a Tri-moly frame and usually nickel plated up to this point.
    6.  In 1980, they beefed up the dropout and called it a Supergoose II.
         The dropout has a step down look and 2 holes in it.

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