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1983 Diamond Back Silver Streak
DB Silver Streak
             Kevin O'Donnell's  Silver Streak


Component List:

    * 1983 Silver Streak frame.
    * DB forks.
    * 1 piece crank.
    * Rat trap pedals.
    * Black alloy chainring.
    * UKAI wheels.

    * DB bars.
    * SR/Diamond Back stem.
    * DiaCompe MX1000 brake.
    * DiaCompe MX1000 lever.
    * DB seat clamp.
First introduced in 1982 the Silver Streak stayed in production until nearly 1990. I believe the Silver Streak has a tri-moly frame and was the first complete "race-ready" bike that Diamond Back offered to the public.  There is a similar Diamond Back called the Pacer so don't confuse the two!   The UKAI wheels, brake, seat post, seat, pedals and grips are the only parts that are not original on this bike.  Everything else from the handlebars and stem to the seat post clamp is either stickered, stamped or labeled "Diamond Back". Most of the alloy components are combination stamped SR/Diamond Back. This is a very short bike and weighs about 28 lbs. as it sits now.



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