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Martin Aparijio

Click for a super closeup of Martin in a different shot at the same comp

Eric from the Northwest has this to say about Freestyle...

"I'm happy to see that that the early days of freestyling that I experienced has lived on to become a sport of it's own.  I remember when the rock-walk and the cherry-picker was the hottest thing going for flatland when I started in 1983.  No-one had even dared taking both hands off of the handlebars during a ramp routine either, never mind doing a wild maneuver like a tailwhip.  It's unbelievable what's being done now. Back flips over the pavement!  It was just beginning to be attempted over water back in my earliest days.  I think Hugo Gonzalez was one of the innovaters In fact, I think he was the stunt double for the movie Rad."

"This photo is of Martin Aparijio (sp?) of the GT Freestyle Team, circa 1985, and was at an AFA (predecessor to the AFL I think) competition, Machester Armory, Manchester, NH. USA"


Thanks to Eric for this Old School photo and the above info.


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