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  ACS Z-Rims

48 Hole Z-Rim

Z-Rim Logo

Above is the side wall of a 32 hole Z-Rim, the hump you see below the C&S of the word "ACS", is the valve stem guide on the rim's surface.

The image on the left is a Z-48 which basically meant that this Z-Rim had 48 holes.

Z-Rims came in a lot of colors and were basically made of the same material as a
Tuff Wheel.


Red Z-Rims   The color was molded thru out the rim which meant that you never had to worry about the color scratching off.  BUT... if you wanted to keep the braking surface the original color of the rim then you needed to use the same color brake pad as your rim.  No big deal as Skyway made colored pads for their Tuff Wheels so you could either use those or just deal with a black stripe down the side of your rim!

The Z-Rims where cool because they really didn't bend like an alloy would but they did flex a lot and that would make the spokes loosen up.  I didn't like them too much because of that and because they felt real spongy.

They do look good an an Old School restoration!  I may not have liked them on my race bike "back in da day" but I'll cruz them on one of my Oldies today!

peace and waterproof grease,   --=Rockalot!


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