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1978 Mongoose   1978 Mongoose
Todd's "Old School" Goose!


    Parts List: above photo
* 1978 Mongoose frame.
* Tange TX-1200 Champion forks.
* One piece crank by Ashtabula.
* "Mongoose" 44t sprocket by Sugino.
* HTI "rat-trap" pedals.
* "Mongoose" seat by Kashimax.
* Fluted alloy seatpost.
* Alloy seatpost clamp.
* Alloy bars.
* Double-clamp Gooseneck.
* Shimano "pre-bent" long lever.
* Dia-Compe 810 caliper.
* Araya 7X rims.
* Diamond Back (Comp II style) tires.

Bonus Photo!
1978 Showroom Goose

Todd's 1980 "Motomag" Mongoose


The top photo is a 1978 BMX Products INC. Mongoose that Todd is restoring to all Original for that year.  To be correct for that year I beleive the bars should be the same as in the 1980 photo, the stem should be a black Ashtabula and the forks are correct other that needing to be chrome with a Mongoose sticker on them.

The "Bonus Photo" is of Todd and his "Pride and Joy" in 1980.  Notice the '80 Mongoose does not have a coaster brake mount and that is the only difference between the two frames.
  Both the 1978 & 1980 Mongoose's have "Motomag" stickers on the frame so I'm thinking they were originaly intended to have Motomag's on them but the bike shop installed alloys to bring the purchase price of the bike down?

In December 1998 Todd got lucky and found the brand new '78 Goose frame hanging on a wall of a bike shop.  Hundreds of miles away, in another state, Todd found the Tange TX-1200 forks.  Tange made Mongoose's forks as well as forks for many other companys "Back in da Day".  The same thing went for Mongoose's crank, quill stem and flat bladed forks, except this time it's Ashtabula making those componets, so if it's a flat black color? it's likely to be Ashtabula.

The "Mongoose" stamped 44 tooth sprocket was made by Sugino for BMX Products INC.
HTI and other steel "rat-trap" pedals were the pedal of choice untill the alloy versions hit the scene.
Fluted alloy seatpost's were very popular for a while as well as fluted handle bars.
I can't tell if the double-clamp stem ("Gooseneck" as they were known as back then) is Mongoose or not and if it was it would have a Mongoose sticker on the base between the two clamps.
Todd tells me the rims are Araya 7X but to be correct for that year I think it needs to have Araya 7C's, anyone want to confirm this thought?
Thanks to Todd Ehle for the above photo, parts rundown and for being a loyal visiter to BMX Non Stop's Old School page.



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