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  1974 Yamaha "A Model" Moto Bike

Supposedly kids were just copying their favorite motorcycle racers by converting their Schwinns into what was to be know as a 'BMX Bike' so who better to make a production BMX bike other than the companies who the kids were modeling their bikes after and here comes the Yamaha Moto Bike!

Here is a  1974 "A Model" Yamaha Moto bike sent in and owned by Jeffrey Venekamp.  Check out the rear fender... not to many of these still have them!

I've never seen the 10speed style seat on the Moto Bike and I thought that this one was not original untill Jeffrey sent me a photo of the seat.

1974 Yamaha "A Model" Moto Bike


This photo is from a 1974 Yamaha Moto Bike Brochure, this is how they looked on the showroom floor.

74 Yamaha Moto Bike Owners Manual

Above is the cover of the 1974 Yamaha Moto Bike Owners Manual.

1974 Yamaha Moto Bike Brochure


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