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The 1960's
1966 Schwinn StingRay

To The 1980's
1980 SE Quad Angle

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-November 20,03
1980 Supergoose
complete bike

-August 11,03
1977 DG
complete bike

-August 12,03
1979 DG
complete bike



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Our Purpose

We are an on-line database for chronicling and cataloging BMX Old School!
BMX Old School! starts in the mid 1970's. We wont go into defining BMX as it has many faces some of which don't even hit the dirt and that's what started BMX...

We do not claim to be experts on BMX Old School, we just want to keep the O.S. alive.  This page is not for profit, we are not getting paid, we do this out of love.   With that said... enjoy your look around and if you have anything to add such as photos or text info that we may be missing, please Email Us.

We get A LOT of emails asking "how much is my bike worth".  This site was not created for us to make others rich off of buying/selling Old School and our belief is that you should re-furbish your classic back to original and treat it as you would your first born.   Now you wouldn't sell your First Born would you?
So don't email us asking, "how much should I pay for..." or "how much is my bike worth".
We will delete all emails of this type!
Acceptable emails are info requests, info for us, images for us, FREE stuff for us, etc...



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