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Photo by Rockalot! Rider is Rick Miller at The Orchard/Antelope in the town of Antelope, California. Check out our Trails page for more info on The Orchard.
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This page will be updated as often as we can get our hands on more photos and data of the past.  Old School never stops compiling so keep checking back to get Schooled.  Come check out how it all got started at BMX Old School@BMX Non Stop!.  If you have any content to add feel free to email us the info.


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Mountain Biking Non Stop! Home Page
MTB Non Stop!

Click on the mini mag cover to see what BMX is all about!  You'll be taken back in time to an August '78 issue of BMXA magazine.  On the cover you'll see dorky BMX'ers with goofy hair cuts, a raggedy hoopty of a car,  35 lb. bikes that only a true "Old Schooler" could love, but most of all you'll see the Joy and Excitement that BMX brings to many!


American Bike Association (ABA)
For more information on BMX racing and/or to find the track nearest you, contact the (ABA) at:
P.O. Box 718, Chandler, AZ 85244, or ring them at (604) 961-1903.

Canadian BMX Association
Kevin O'Brien, National Race Director.

National Bicycle League (NBL)
Go here for info National Bicycle League tracks.

New Jersey BMX Association

UCI stands for: Union Cycliste International and is the governing body for most BMX outside of the US, all of the NBL and the World Championships.


Shops & Shopping: 

Run by riders Steve Roy & Bernie Tomaszewski out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

American Cycle Express (ACE)
A whole gang of BMX products available word wide. 

Bicycle Warehouse
Nanaimo, B.C. Canada.

List (for a fee) your part to sell or browse by component for items to purchase.

Dan's Competition INC.
Mt. Vernon, IN, USA.

Mud Sweat & Gears: BMX Sales
Lawton, OK, USA.

Paul's Boutique BMX Hardware Store
From the Netherlands.

Playground, The
Shop for BMX bikes and parts.  This site is out of the UK
so prices are in 's.

Trend Bike Source
Austin, TX, USA.

Up North BMX
Owned by Pro riders Jay Miron and Jamie McIntosh so you know it's on!  Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.  

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